Myko Story

The science behind technological advancements and the process of growth of a fruit have always been objects of amusement to people worldwide. We are here to bring together the two of them in a way that will not just work towards the betterment of the farmers of Konkan, but all of Konkan in the long run.

Myko is a first of its kind initiative by Global Kokan which is lead by Mr. Sanjay Yadavrao (Founder, Kokan Bhumi Pratisthan and Global Kokan) bringing together technology and mangoes. 100 GI approved mango farmers from Konkan (the home of your beloved Executive mangoes) have been brought together to create this wondrous tech-based platform.

Mr. Sanjay Yadavrao has been an integral part of spreading the word on the beauty of Konkan for a little over two decades. Being the Founder of Kokan Bhumi Pratishthan, Chief Executive of Global Kokan Festival and Managing Director of Kokan Green Life, he has put his heart and soul into another initiative for the betterment of Konkan and its humble farmers.

Myko aims to use cutting-edge technology and digital power, for the empowerment of farmers and hence make every mango lover fulfill the desire of tasting the real Executive.

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GI Registered Farmers

MYKO lists only GI registered farmers so that you get only the authentic alphonso

SOP Based Operations

MYKO implements harmonized SOPs across all farms to ensure quality output

Robust Supply Chain

MYKO uses it’s own supply chain controlled through the Mango-Tech Platform

Naturally Ripened

MYKO procures only naturally ripened mangoes free of harmful ripening chemicals

Harnessing Power of Technology For Farmer and Consumer Empowerment