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Our GOLD ALPHONSO MANGOES are the best of the best mangoes plucked from the farms which are standardized for the best cultivation, harvesting and ripening practices. This grade of mangoes offers the quintessential experience to every mango lover and heightens the desire to have more. Our farmers implement  MYKO Best Practice Modules at their   farms to produce fruits well fitting in the quality parameters. MYKO efficiently delivers them to your plate through a no compromise system. MYKO gives you the right to know the farm from which the fruit you are eating is coming from. Simply scan the QR code and you are connected! Enjoy the genuineness of   the Alphonso and give us the honour to pack happiness for you again. 

Key features of Gold Mangoes

  • Best GI approved orchards with well-established cultivation practices
  • Fruits are harvested only early morning to avoid temperature shocks
  • Naturally ripened using traditional practices
  • Farmers with a strong track record of producing the best quality Alphonso
  • Know your farmer by scanning the QR code
  • Contactless Delivery via temeprature controlled van