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Renowned for their sweetness, creamy texture, flavor, and aroma these mangoes are an absolute treat for mango connoisseurs. Simply put MYKO PLATINUM ALPHONSO MANGO is the best fruit you will ever eat. Once you have tasted these, nothing else will do. This grade of mangoes comes from our select farms which are right at the heartland of the best Alphonso producing region of Kokan. These well-maintained and mostly heritage farms have the most conducive weather, the well-spaced plantation which enables plenty of sunlight and well-established cultivation and harvesting practices, ultimately nurturing an incredible taste and aroma in the fruits. MYKO delivers these PLATINUM ALPHONSO MANGOES oozing with great flavor to you with equal love and care so that you get it at its best.

Key Features of Platinum Mangoes

  • Heritage orchards with well-established cultivation practices
  • Selective orchards facing coastline or backwaters
  • Fruits are harvested only early morning to avoid temperature shocks
  • Naturally ripened using traditional practices
  • Farmers with a strong track record of producing the best quality Alphonso
  • Know your farmer through a video tour of the farm by scanning the QR code
  • Contactless Delivery via temeprature controlled van